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Ella on the Outside

Ella is struggling to fit in at her new school when the most popular girl, Lydia, decides to become her friend. Ella is delighted at the attention from Lydia, but it comes at a cost.

After telling Lydia her secret, Ella is trapped. Forced by Lydia to investigate the quiet, lonely girl at school, Ella uncovers a horrible secret that she has been hiding, and it turns out Lydia’s motives weren’t what they seemed.

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The Intended Audience

As a school librarian who reads a lot of children’s fiction, I often find myself thinking about the “intended audience”. Clearly, many of the books that I read are not intended for me—they are intended for young children. I’m very aware of this fact and I try to consider how children may perceive a book and what effect it may have on them before I write my review. But is the concept of “intended audience” a helpful or even correct idea?

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The House With Chicken Legs

Marinka lives with her grandma, Baba Yaga, in their house that has chicken legs and a mind of it’s own. The house travels across the world so that Baba Yaga can meet the dead, hear their stories and guide them through The Gate. Marinka has always known that this would be her destiny too one day, but she has other ideas.

But when she makes a bad decision that affects her Baba Yaga and their house, Marinka’s life is thrown into chaos and she must choose where she truly belongs.

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